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Caregiver Neglect Laws

Especially aggravated kidnapping
Tenn. Code § 39-13-305
Custodial interference
Tenn. Code § 39-13-306
Nonsupport and flagrant nonsupport
Tenn. Code § 39-15-101
Offense of neglect of elderly adult -- Offense of neglect of vulnerable adult
Tenn. Code § 39-15-507
Offense of aggravated neglect of elderly adult -- Offense of aggravated neglect of vulnerable adult
Tenn. Code § 39-15-508
Report of abuse, sexual exploitation, neglect, or financial exploitation to adult protective services -- Report of rape or sexual battery to adult protective services and law enforcement agency -- Failure to make report
Tenn. Code § 39-15-509
Kidnapping and false imprisonment definitions
Tenn. Code § 39-13-301
False imprisonment
Tenn. Code § 39-13-302
Tenn. Code § 39-13-303
Aggravated kidnapping
Tenn. Code § 39-13-304

Emotional/Psychological Laws

Unlawful photographing in violation of privacy
Tenn. Code § 39-13-605
Invasion of privacy - Observation without consent
Tenn. Code § 39-13-607
Tenn. Code § 39-17-308
Stalking, aggravated stalking, and especially aggravated stalking
Tenn. Code § 39-17-315
Unlawful exposure of image
Tenn. Code § 39-17-318

Financial Exploitation Laws

Pawned or conveyed rental property
Tenn. Code § 39-14-108
Tenn. Code § 39-14-112
Tenn. Code § 39-14-114
Criminal simulation
Tenn. Code § 39-14-115
Illegal use or fraudulent use of credit or debit card
Tenn. Code § 39-14-118
Reporting of credit or debit card lost, stolen or mislaid
Tenn. Code § 39-14-119
Issuing false financial statement
Tenn. Code § 39-14-120
Worthless checks
Tenn. Code § 39-14-121
Deceptive business practices
Tenn. Code § 39-14-127
Destruction of valuable papers with intent to defraud
Tenn. Code § 39-14-130
Destruction or concealment of will
Tenn. Code § 39-14-131
False or fraudulent insurance claims
Tenn. Code § 39-14-133
Fraudulent transfer of motor vehicle
Tenn. Code § 39-14-147
Actions by home improvement services provider that constitute theft
Tenn. Code § 39-14-154
Definitions for burglary and related offenses
Tenn. Code § 39-14-401
Tenn. Code § 39-14-402
Aggravated burglary
Tenn. Code § 39-14-403
Especially aggravated burglary
Tenn. Code § 39-14-404
Possession of burglary tools
Tenn. Code § 39-14-701
Offense of financial exploitation of elderly or vulnerable person
Tenn. Code § 39-15-502
Tenn. Code § 39-13-401
Aggravated robbery
Tenn. Code § 39-13-402
Especially aggravated robbery
Tenn. Code § 39-13-403
Tenn. Code § 39-13-404
Theft related definitions
Tenn. Code § 39-14-102
Theft of property
Tenn. Code § 39-14-103
Theft of services
Tenn. Code § 39-14-104
Unauthorized use of automobiles and other vehicles -- Joyriding
Tenn. Code § 39-14-106

Physical Abuse Laws

Offense of aggravated abuse of elderly or vulnerable adult
Tenn. Code § 39-15-511
Tenn. Code § 39-13-101
Aggravated assault
Tenn. Code § 39-13-102
Reckless endangerement
Tenn. Code § 39-13-103
Criminal homicide
Tenn. Code § 39-13-201
First degree murder
Tenn. Code § 39-13-202
Second degree murder
Tenn. Code § 39-13-210
Voluntary manslaughter
Tenn. Code § 39-13-211
Criminally negligent homicide
Tenn. Code § 39-13-212
Reckless homicide
Tenn. Code § 39-13-215
Assisted suicide
Tenn. Code § 39-13-216
Offense of abuse of elderly or vulnerable adult
Tenn. Code § 39-15-510

Sexual Abuse/Assault Laws

Tenn. Code § 39-15-302
Offense of sexual exploitation of elderly adult or vulnerable adult
Tenn. Code § 39-15-512
Definitions for sexual offenses
Tenn. Code § 39-13-501
Aggravated rape
Tenn. Code § 39-13-502
Tenn. Code § 39-13-503
Aggravated sexual battery
Tenn. Code § 39-13-504
Sexual battery
Tenn. Code § 39-13-505
Indecent exposure
Tenn. Code § 39-13-511
Public indecency
Tenn. Code § 39-13-517
Sexual battery by an authority figure
Tenn. Code § 39-13-527


Nonsupport and Flagrant Nonsupport

Tenn. Code Ann. § 39-15-101

(a) A person commits the crime of nonsupport who fails to provide support which that person is able to provide and knows the person has a duty to provide to a minor child or to a child or spouse who, because of physical or mental disability, is unable to be self-supporting.
(b) “Child” includes legitimate children and children whose parentage has been admitted by the person charged or established by judicial action.
(c) “Support” includes, but is not limited to, financial assistance, food, shelter, clothing, medical attention or, if determined elsewhere by law, other necessary care.
(d) A person commits the offense of flagrant nonsupport who:
(1) Leaves or remains without the state to avoid a legal duty of support; or
(2) Having been convicted one (1) or more times of nonsupport or flagrant nonsupport, is convicted of a subsequent offense under this section.
(1) Nonsupport under subsection (a) is a Class A misdemeanor.
(2) Flagrant nonsupport under subsection (d) is a Class E felony.

Willful abuse, neglect or exploitation prohibited — Penalty

Tenn. Code Ann. § 71-6-117.

State Mandated Reporting


Tenn. Code Ann. § 71-

Who has to report?
Any person, including, but not limited to, a physician, nurse,
social worker, department personnel, coroner, medical examiner, alternate care facility employee, or caretaker.

When to report?
Any person having reasonable cause to suspect that an adult has suffered abuse, neglect, or exploitation.

How to report?
An oral or written report shall be made immediately to the department of human services. If a hospital, clinic, school, or any other organization or agency responsible for the care of adults has a specific procedure, approved by the director of adult protective services for the department, or the director's designee, for the protection of adults who are victims of abuse, neglect, or exploitation, any member of its staff whose duty to report under the provisions of this part arises from the performance of the staff member's services as a member of the staff of the organization may, at the staff member's option, fulfill that duty by reporting instead to the person in charge of the organization or the organization head's designee who shall make the report in accordance with the provisions of this chapter.

Tennessee Adult Protective Services: 888-APS-TENN or 888-277-836

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