Wanton Neglect or Non Support of a Dependent Adult

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1. A caretaker commits wanton neglect of a dependent adult if the caretaker knowingly
acts in a manner likely to be injurious to the physical, mental, or emotional welfare of a
dependent adult. Wanton neglect of a dependent adult is a serious misdemeanor.
2. A person who has legal responsibility either through contract or court order for support
of a dependent adult and who fails or refuses to provide support commits nonsupport.
Nonsupport is a class “D” felony.
3. A person alleged to have committed wanton neglect or nonsupport of a dependent adult
shall be charged with the respective offense unless a charge may be brought based upon a
more serious offense, in which case the charge of the more serious offense shall supersede
the less serious charge.
4. For the purposes of this section, “dependent adult” means a dependent adult as defined
in section 235B.2, subsection 4, and “caretaker” means a caretaker as defined in section
235B.2, subsection 1.

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